The CNPJ Lookup API offers a convenient way to retrieve detailed company information using the CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídica) identifier. With this API, you can easily access essential data about a company, enabling streamlined processes for identity verification, due diligence, and business research.

About the API:

The CNPJ Lookup API is a powerful tool that allows you to access comprehensive company information based on the CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídica) identifier. CNPJ is a unique identification number assigned to legal entities registered in Brazil, including corporations, partnerships, and other business entities. This API serves as a reliable source of company data, enabling businesses and individuals to obtain accurate and up-to-date information about Brazilian companies.

With the CNPJ Lookup API, you can easily retrieve various details about a company, including its legal name, trade name, address, contact information, registration status, industry classification, and more. This wealth of information is invaluable for conducting due diligence, verifying the legitimacy of a company, and gathering essential data for business research and analysis.

Integrating the CNPJ Lookup API into your systems or applications offers numerous benefits. It simplifies the process of retrieving company information, eliminating the need for manual research and data entry. Instead, you can make API requests using the CNPJ number and receive a structured response containing the requested data, which can be seamlessly incorporated into your workflows or displayed in your user interface.

This API is particularly useful for organizations and individuals involved in business transactions, such as suppliers, customers, financial institutions, and regulatory agencies. By leveraging the CNPJ Lookup API, these stakeholders can quickly verify the authenticity and legal status of Brazilian companies, ensuring compliance with regulations, minimizing risks, and making informed business decisions.

Furthermore, the CNPJ Lookup API plays a vital role in anti-fraud measures. It enables fraud detection systems to verify the validity of CNPJ numbers provided by customers or business partners, helping prevent identity theft, fraudulent activities, and financial losses. By cross-referencing the API's response with internal databases or external sources, businesses can ensure that they are engaging with legitimate and trustworthy entities.

The CNPJ Lookup API offers a secure and efficient method to access company information, leveraging reliable data sources and adhering to data protection regulations. The API's robust infrastructure ensures high availability and fast response times, allowing you to retrieve company details in real time, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.

In conclusion, the CNPJ Lookup API provides a valuable resource for accessing company information based on the CNPJ identifier. By integrating this API into your systems, you can streamline business processes, enhance due diligence, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions when engaging with Brazilian companies.

The Brazilian National Registry of Legal Entities (Portuguese: Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas, “CNPJ”) is a nationwide registry of corporations, partnerships, foundations, investment funds, and other legal entities, created and maintained by thBrazilian Federal Revenue Service (Receita Federal do Brasil, “RFB”). Currently, all companies are automatically enrolled in the system upon incorporation. The system uses a fourteen-digit number, which is made up of an eight-digit unique identifier, a four-digit branch identifier, and two check digits. 


What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

This API will receive the CNPJ to lookup and it will provide:

  • Business name.
  • Fantasy name. 
  • Creation date. 
  • Legal Nature. 
  • CNAE. 
  • Social Capital. 
  • Address. 
  • Partners. 



What are the most common uses cases of this API?

  1. Business Verification: The CNPJ Lookup API can be used to verify the authenticity and legal status of Brazilian companies. This is especially useful for businesses involved in partnerships, collaborations, or transactions with Brazilian entities, ensuring that they are dealing with legitimate and registered companies.

  2. Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance: Financial institutions and other regulated entities can leverage the CNPJ Lookup API as part of their KYC processes. By verifying the company information associated with a CNPJ number, they can assess the risk level, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and prevent fraudulent activities.

  3. Supplier Onboarding: When onboarding new suppliers, organizations can use the CNPJ Lookup API to validate the details provided by the supplier. It helps verify the company's legal name, address, and registration status, ensuring that they are dealing with trustworthy suppliers and maintaining supply chain integrity.

  4. Risk Assessment and Due Diligence: Before entering into business relationships or investments, conducting thorough due diligence is essential. The CNPJ Lookup API allows businesses to gather comprehensive information about a company, including its history, ownership, and financial status. This helps assess risks and make informed decisions.

  5. Market Research and Analysis: Market researchers, analysts, and data scientists can utilize the CNPJ Lookup API to gather data on companies for research and analysis purposes. By accessing company information based on CNPJ numbers, they can gain insights into industry trends, market share, competitive analysis, and overall business landscape in Brazil.

  6. Fraud Prevention and Detection: Fraud detection systems can integrate the CNPJ Lookup API to validate CNPJ numbers provided by customers or business partners. By cross-referencing the obtained company information, businesses can identify discrepancies, detect potential fraudulent activities, and take necessary preventive measures.


Are there any limitations to your plans?

Besides API call limitations per month, maximum of three requests per minute. 

API Documentation


Data from all Brazilian companies registered with the Federal Revenue. 

CNPJ example: 00360305000104


Get Company data by CNPJ - Endpoint Features
Object Description
cnpj [Required]
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"status":true,"mensagem":"","dados":{"cnpj":"00360305000104","razao_social":"CAIXA ECONOMICA FEDERAL","nome_fantasia":"CEF MATRIZ","data_criacao":"03\/02\/1971","natureza_juridica":"2011 - EMPRESA PUBLICA","cnae_principal":"6423900 - Caixas econ\u00f4micas","data_situacao":"03\/11\/2005","situacao":"Ativa","porte":"Demais","capital_social":"R$,00","endereco":{"logradouro":"SETOR BANCARIO SUL QUADRA 04","numero":"34","complemento":"BLOCO A","bairro":"ASA SUL","cep":"70092900","uf":"DF","municipio":"BRASILIA"},"telefones":["61 35218600"],"email":"","cnaes_secundarios":[]},"socios":[{"documento_socio":"71372083715","nome_socio":"CLAUDIO SALITURO","data_entrada":"03\/04\/2019","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"46786899072","nome_socio":"JAIR LUIS MAHL","data_entrada":"28\/12\/2018","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"***836740**","nome_socio":"TATIANA THOME DE OLIVEIRA","data_entrada":"08\/08\/2019","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"***494651**","nome_socio":"ANTONIO CARLOS FERREIRA DE SOUSA","data_entrada":"29\/07\/2019","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"***633087**","nome_socio":"CELSO LEONARDO DERZIE DE JESUS BARBOSA","data_entrada":"28\/07\/2020","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"69550301168","nome_socio":"RAFAEL DE OLIVEIRA MORAIS","data_entrada":"24\/09\/2020","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"18176980870","nome_socio":"MESSIAS DOS SANTOS ESTEVES","data_entrada":"10\/02\/2021","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"***677568**","nome_socio":"HENRIETE ALEXANDRA SARTORI BERNABE","data_entrada":"25\/03\/2021","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"28739714870","nome_socio":"JOAO GUSTAVO HAENEL NETO","data_entrada":"08\/10\/2021","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"54031168934","nome_socio":"ANDRE NUNES","data_entrada":"24\/03\/2022","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"04525911638","nome_socio":"THAYS CINTRA VIEIRA","data_entrada":"22\/10\/2021","qualificacao":"ADMINISTRADOR"},{"documento_socio":"15657839803","nome_socio":"EDILSON CARROGI RIBEIRO VIANNA","data_entrada":"24\/07\/2019","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"04642485740","nome_socio":"GRYECOS ATTOM VALENTE LOUREIRO","data_entrada":"09\/11\/2018","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"00718398106","nome_socio":"EDUARDO KRIEGER SCHERER","data_entrada":"29\/10\/2019","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"***904751**","nome_socio":"MARCOS BRASILIANO ROSA","data_entrada":"30\/03\/2020","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"***240791**","nome_socio":"MAGDA LUCIA DIAS CARDOSO DE CARVALHO","data_entrada":"28\/07\/2020","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"33908921848","nome_socio":"JORGE LOUZADA KOZLOVSKY","data_entrada":"12\/01\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"00113499132","nome_socio":"LUIZ FELIPE FIGUEIREDO DE ANDRADE","data_entrada":"12\/01\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"09272721725","nome_socio":"RODRIGO SOUZA WERMELINGER","data_entrada":"12\/01\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"***994068**","nome_socio":"HEITOR SOUZA CUNHA","data_entrada":"24\/03\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"22049337833","nome_socio":"TIAGO CORDEIRO DE OLIVEIRA","data_entrada":"25\/03\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"00357105940","nome_socio":"CLAUDINEY BITENCOURT","data_entrada":"10\/05\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"87640686172","nome_socio":"CHRISTOPHER FRANCO BRAGA","data_entrada":"10\/05\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"02955391948","nome_socio":"EDUARDO FALK ANTONIO","data_entrada":"16\/07\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"***247248**","nome_socio":"CRISTINAMBABI DOS ANJOS LIMA","data_entrada":"16\/07\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"86061801149","nome_socio":"YVES DUMARESQ SOBRAL","data_entrada":"16\/07\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"86412612149","nome_socio":"VLADIMIR BEZERRA MONTEIRO DE BRITO","data_entrada":"23\/11\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"17596931898","nome_socio":"SAULO FARHAT PAIVA","data_entrada":"09\/12\/2021","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"***344081**","nome_socio":"MARIA LETICIA DE PAULA MACEDO","data_entrada":"08\/02\/2022","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"51642395153","nome_socio":"SERGIO RICARDO FAUSTINO BATISTA","data_entrada":"20\/05\/2022","qualificacao":"DIRETOR"},{"documento_socio":"01670067700","nome_socio":"PEDRO DUARTE GUIMARAES","data_entrada":"15\/01\/2019","qualificacao":"PRESIDENTE"}],"participacoes":[{"cnpj":"02687854000113","razao_social":"CONSORCIO AZULPREV","nome_empresa":"CONSORCIO AZULPREV","data_entrada":"21\/08\/1998","qualificacao":"SOCIEDADE CONSORCIADA","data_situacao":"03\/11\/2005","situacao":"Ativa"},{"cnpj":"05893555000123","razao_social":"CONSORCIO AMUPREV","nome_empresa":"CONSORCIO AMUPREV","data_entrada":"07\/03\/2003","qualificacao":"SOCIEDADE CONSORCIADA","data_situacao":"07\/03\/2003","situacao":"Ativa"}]}

Get Company data by CNPJ - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


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Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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CNPJ stands for "Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídica" and is a unique identification number assigned to legal entities registered in Brazil. It serves as a registration number for Brazilian companies and is used for identification and regulatory purposes.

You can use the CNPJ Lookup API by making HTTP requests to the API endpoint with a valid CNPJ number as a parameter. The API will return company information associated with that CNPJ, such as legal name, address, contact details, and registration status.

Yes, the CNPJ Lookup API sources its data from official Brazilian government databases and reliable sources. The information provided is generally accurate and up-to-date, reflecting the latest available records.

If the API does not return any results for a particular CNPJ number, it could indicate that the company is not registered or that the provided CNPJ is invalid. It is recommended to double-check the CNPJ and verify its accuracy.

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