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About us

Note from Alejandro Brega, Founder of Zyla Labs

"As a developer, I often faced a significant challenge: finding an affordable, high-quality APIs. The lack of viable options inspired me to create my own solutions, marking the inception of Zyla Labs. This venture illuminated a broader issue within the API marketβ€”a lack of accessible, comprehensive tools for developers.

Zyla was born from the realization that developers universally grapple with the complexities of integrating diverse APIs into their projects. We envisioned an API hub that eradicates these obstacles by offering a unified access point with a single account, API key, and SDK.

At Zyla, we are committed to providing solutions that make developers' lives easier, allowing them to focus on what they do best: creating."

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Our Values


Customer Obsession: We are dedicated to driving innovation in the world of APIs. We continuously seek creative ways to simplify and enhance developers' lives through advanced technological solutions.


Passion for the Developer Community: We deeply value the developer community. Our mission is to provide with tools and resources that enable them to grow and succed in their projects.


Transparency and Trust: We foster transparency in everything we do. We believe in building trusted relationships with our users, customers, and API providers to create a strong and collaborative ecosystem.


Quality and Confidence in Our Service: We strive to deliver high-quiality service at all times. Every API on our hub undergoes rigorous quality standards to ensure its effectiveness and reliability.