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We handle customer acquisition, memberships, key management, rate limits and payment collection processes so you can focus on building fantastic APIs.

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Add your endpoints and parameters in minutes. To get started, just sign up in our plataform



We will test out your endpoints and give you useful feedback to improve your API.



Do not worry about anything, we will monetize your API and offer you our first level marketing services.



We suggest you the according prices to your API category



We offer first level support to customers and escalate you the problems that we can not solve



We generate marketing strategies in order to generate organic traffic to enhance your API and attract new customers all around the world



We take care of API testing to ensure the best user experience for your future customers

API Provider FAQs

All our APIs are strictly reviewed and tested before they are uploaded to our page. If you think that an API does not meet your requirements, please contact us and let us know what the situation is. We will check your application and will be happy to give you a solution.

Zyla API Hub supports an extense list of APIs, mainly B2B and B2C. We want to provide the best APIs in every subject, so if you think that your API deserves a place in our Hub, do not hesitate to upload it so we can review it and guide you in the process.

There is no cost for uploading your API. Zyla API Hub works on a revenue share program, where the developer or API owner receives an 80% of the incomes generated from the subscriptions.

You can price your API with our diverse predefined plans: Basic, Pro, Pro Plus and many more. You will be able to select the pricing for any of those plans depending on how much you think your API should cost. Zyla API Hub will also review this and give you tips to improve your sales and profit.

The API subscription program allows you to make a determined number of API calls per month. Depending on which plan you acquire, this number may change. With a Hard Limit setting, you will not allow the developers to make more API calls than they have purchased. For example, a client pays for the Basic plan that provides 1 thousand APi calls. When they reach that number, they wont be able to make another API call, unless they upgrade they plan to a higher one. The Soft Limit setting, on the other hand, will allow developers to keep making API calls even when they reach their limit. However, they will be charged for every single API call that exceeds the plan that they have payed.

The ideal Uptime is 100%. We know that this is not always reachable, so Zyla API Hub will require a minimum of 99,6% uptime for your APIs. Be aware that your profit will be affected if you do not meet this requirement.

Any type of API can be uploaded to our Hub, but we highly recommend B2B APIs

Yes, you can modify an API you have uploaded before and every change will be reviewed by our QA team. Have in mind that you will need to manage all your updates on volumes systems. For example if you modify an endpoint, you need to maintain the existing endpoint for the developers that are already using it. This way, you will avoid malfunctions on the codes of your users. When the modification is done, all the developers will be notified so they can migrate to your new volume; and when all the developers are migrated, the past endpoint can be deprecated.

If the minimum required uptime is not met, the profit of that month will not be payed. This is to ensure a good customer experience. Zyla API Hub will refund the users for the time that the API was not working. Because of this, please be sure that your endpoint is live at least 99.7% of the time.