IMDb Top Rated Films API

IMDb Top Rated Films API

The IMDb Top Rated Films API provides access to the ranked list of the top 100 films as determined by IMDb. The API allows developers to retrieve data on the films' titles, ratings, and other relevant information.

About the API:

The IMDb Top Rated Films API allows developers to access the ranked list of the top 100 films as determined by IMDb. The API allows developers to retrieve data on the films' titles, ratings, and other relevant information such as release year, genre, director, writers, and more. The API uses RESTful conventions, which means that it can be easily integrated with a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks. 

What your API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

It may receive a parameter and provide you with a JSON.

What are the most common uses cases of this API?

Building a top films list: The API can be used to build a website or mobile application that displays the top-rated films, including their title, rating, and other relevant information.

Movie recommendation engine: The API can be used to create an application that provides personalized film recommendations based on user preferences and the popularity of the films.

Film History and Trends: The API can be used to analyze historical data of top-rated films and understand trends in the film industry such as the most popular genre over the years, the average duration of the films, and more.

Cinephile groups or forums: The API can be used to create a discussion platform for cinephiles to share their thoughts and opinions on top-rated films, and discuss them with others.

Are there any limitations to your plans?

Basic Plan: 5,000 API Calls.

Pro Plan: 20,000 API Calls.

Pro Plus Plan: 50,000 API Calls.

Premium Plan: 200,000 API Calls.

API Documentation


The Fetch Top IMDb Films endpoint allows developers to retrieve a ranked list of the top 100 films as determined by IMDb. By utilizing this endpoint, developers can access information on the films' titles, ratings, and other relevant data such as release year, genre, and more.


Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            [{"rank":1,"title":"The Shawshank Redemption","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"9.3","id":"top1","year":1994,"image":",1,380,562_.jpg","description":"Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency.","trailer":"","genre":["Drama"],"director":["Frank Darabont"],"writers":["Stephen King (based on the short novel \"Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption\" by)","Frank Darabont (screenplay by)"],"imdbid":"tt0111161"},{"rank":2,"title":"The Godfather","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"9.2","id":"top2","year":1972,"image":",0,380,562_.jpg","description":"The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty in postwar New York City transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant youngest son.","trailer":"","genre":["Crime","Drama"],"director":["Francis Ford Coppola"],"writers":["Mario Puzo (screenplay by)","Francis Ford Coppola (screenplay by)"],"imdbid":"tt0068646"},{"rank":3,"title":"The Dark Knight","thumbnail":",0,67,98_AL_.jpg","rating":"9.0","id":"top3","year":2008,"image":",0,380,562_.jpg","description":"When the menace known as the Joker wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham, Batman must accept one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his ability to fight injustice.","trailer":"","genre":["Action","Crime","Drama"],"director":["Christopher Nolan"],"writers":["Jonathan Nolan (screenplay)","Christopher Nolan (screenplay)","David S. Goyer (story)"],"imdbid":"tt0468569"},{"rank":4,"title":"The Godfather Part II","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"9.0","id":"top4","year":1974,"image":",0,380,562_.jpg","description":"The early life and career of Vito Corleone in 1920s New York City is portrayed, while his son, Michael, expands and tightens his grip on the family crime syndicate.","trailer":"","genre":["Crime","Drama"],"director":["Francis Ford Coppola"],"writers":["Francis Ford Coppola (screenplay by)","Mario Puzo (screenplay by)"],"imdbid":"tt0071562"},{"rank":5,"title":"12 Angry Men","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"9.0","id":"top5","year":1957,"image":",11,380,562_.jpg","description":"The jury in a New York City murder trial is frustrated by a single member whose skeptical caution forces them to more carefully consider the evidence before jumping to a hasty verdict.","trailer":"","genre":["Crime","Drama"],"director":["Sidney Lumet"],"writers":["Reginald Rose (teleplay \"Twelve Angry Men\")"],"imdbid":"tt0050083"},{"rank":6,"title":"Schindler's List","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"8.9","id":"top6","year":1993,"image":",4,380,562_.jpg","description":"In German-occupied Poland during World War II, industrialist Oskar Schindler gradually becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing their persecution by the Nazis.","trailer":"","genre":["Biography","Drama","History"],"director":["Steven Spielberg"],"writers":["Thomas Keneally (book)","Steven Zaillian (screenplay)"],"imdbid":"tt0108052"},{"rank":7,"title":"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"8.9","id":"top7","year":2003,"image":",0,380,562_.jpg","description":"Gandalf and Aragorn lead the World of Men against Sauron's army to draw his gaze from Frodo and Sam as they approach Mount Doom with the One Ring.","trailer":"","genre":["Action","Adventure","Drama"],"director":["Peter Jackson"],"writers":["J.R.R. Tolkien (novel \"The Return of the King\")","Fran Walsh (screenplay)","Philippa Boyens (screenplay)"],"imdbid":"tt0167260"},{"rank":8,"title":"Pulp Fiction","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"8.8","id":"top8","year":1994,"image":",0,380,562_.jpg","description":"The lives of two mob hitmen, a boxer, a gangster and his wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption.","trailer":"","genre":["Crime","Drama"],"director":["Quentin Tarantino"],"writers":["Quentin Tarantino (stories by)","Roger Avary (stories by)"],"imdbid":"tt0110912"},{"rank":9,"title":"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"8.8","id":"top9","year":2001,"image":",1,380,562_.jpg","description":"A meek Hobbit from the Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to destroy the powerful One Ring and save Middle-earth from the Dark Lord Sauron.","trailer":"","genre":["Action","Adventure","Drama"],"director":["Peter Jackson"],"writers":["J.R.R. Tolkien (novel \"The Fellowship of the Ring\")","Fran Walsh (screenplay)","Philippa Boyens (screenplay)"],"imdbid":"tt0120737"},{"rank":10,"title":"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"8.8","id":"top10","year":1966,"image":",4,380,562_.jpg","description":"A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.","trailer":"","genre":["Adventure","Western"],"director":["Sergio Leone"],"writers":["Luciano Vincenzoni (story)","Sergio Leone (story)","Agenore Incrocci (screenplay)"],"imdbid":"tt0060196"},{"rank":11,"title":"Forrest Gump","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"8.8","id":"top11","year":1994,"image":",0,380,562_.jpg","description":"The presidencies of Kennedy and Johnson, the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal and other historical events unfold from the perspective of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75, whose only desire is to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart.","trailer":"","genre":["Drama","Romance"],"director":["Robert Zemeckis"],"writers":["Winston Groom (novel)","Eric Roth (screenplay)"],"imdbid":"tt0109830"},{"rank":12,"title":"Fight Club","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"8.7","id":"top12","year":1999,"image":",1,380,562_.jpg","description":"An insomniac office worker and a devil-may-care soap maker form an underground fight club that evolves into much more.","trailer":"","genre":["Drama"],"director":["David Fincher"],"writers":["Chuck Palahniuk (based on the novel by)","Jim Uhls (screenplay by)"],"imdbid":"tt0137523"},{"rank":13,"title":"Inception","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"8.7","id":"top13","year":2010,"image":",0,380,562_.jpg","description":"A thief who steals corporate secrets thro...

Fetch Top IMDb Films - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


The "Fetch Film by ID" endpoint allows developers to retrieve detailed information on a specific film using its ID. The ID can be found in the response of the endpoint “Fetch Top 100 IMDb Films”. For example: top23

By utilizing this endpoint, developers can access the specific information for the movie.


Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"rank":23,"title":"City of God","thumbnail":",0,45,67_AL_.jpg","rating":"8.6","id":"top23","year":2002,"image":",2,380,562_.jpg","description":"In the slums of Rio, two kids' paths diverge as one struggles to become a photographer and the other a kingpin.","trailer":"","genre":["Crime","Drama"],"director":["Fernando Meirelles","Kátia Lund (co-director)"],"writers":["Paulo Lins (novel)","Bráulio Mantovani (screenplay)"],"imdbid":"tt0317248"}

Fetch Film by ID - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


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Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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