Football Live Score API

Football Live Score API

The Football Live Score API provides up-to-the-minute soccer scores and scores from soccer matches, ensuring that fans are kept informed with the latest results.

About the API:  

Soccer, or soccer in some regions, is more than just a sport; it is a global phenomenon that unites fans, players and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are a fervent supporter of your favorite club or simply like to keep up with the latest matches, access to real-time soccer scores is a must. The Football Live Score API is a reliable and essential tool to stay connected to the beautiful game.

The Football Live Score API is your gateway to the electrifying world of soccer. Designed to provide immediate access to the most current and accurate soccer match results from various leagues, tournaments and competitions around the world, this API allows users to effortlessly follow the latest goals, wins and losses of their beloved teams in real time.

A standout feature of the Football Live Score API is its comprehensive coverage. This API offers results from all corners of the soccer universe, whether it's high-stakes clashes in major European leagues such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga or Serie A, or exciting international clashes in major tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup or the UEFA European Championship. It also expands its scope to include lesser-known leagues and competitions, ensuring that soccer enthusiasts can follow matches at all levels.

Soccer is a dynamic sport where match results can change in an instant. Recognizing the demand for real-time updates, the Football Live Score API diligently monitors matches, goals and scores, ensuring that users receive the latest information as soon as it unfolds on the pitch. Whether it's a last-minute goal, a thrilling comeback or a penalty shootout, users are aware of every crucial moment.

In conclusion, the Football Live Score API is a must-have add-on for soccer enthusiasts, users, developers and businesses alike. Whether you are a passionate fan eager to stay informed about your team's performance or a user looking to enhance your sports-related application, this API meets your needs. With its comprehensive coverage, real-time updates, seamless integration and user-friendly documentation, it's your ticket to the captivating world of soccer, where every goal, every win and every loss matters. Stay connected with the Football Live Score API and never miss a moment of the soccer action again.

What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

It will receive parameters and provide you with a JSON.


What are the most common uses cases of this API?

  1. Sports news websites: Display real-time soccer scores and match results on sports news websites to keep readers informed.

  2. Mobile apps: Integrate match results into mobile apps so soccer fans can check results on the go.

  3. Fan club websites: Provide fans with up-to-date match results on fan club websites dedicated to specific teams.

  4. Sports betting platforms: Provide live score updates to users of sports betting platforms to make informed betting decisions.

  5. Digital scoreboards: Display real-time results on digital scoreboards in stadiums and sports venues.

Are there any limitations to your plans? 

  • Basic Plan: 100 API Calls. 1,000 request per hour.

  • Pro Plan: 200 API Calls. 1,000 request per hour.

  • Pro Plus Plan: 400 API Calls. 1,000 request per hour.

  • Premium Plan: 800 API Calls. 1,000 request per hour.

API Documentation


To use this endpoint just run it and you will get all the matches available today along with their results.


Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            [{"competition":"Champions League","competitionLogo":"","match":[{"infoOf":"match1","teamA":"FC Bayern Munich","teamB":"Real Madrid","teamAResult":"-","teamBResult":"-","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":null,"over":false,"live":false,"startIn":"19:00","matchId":"d4e9fab2-86e7-43b1-8adf-2e7db50db16e"}],"id":"e115f70c-1ace-42b8-b669-f37ca31e6503"},{"competition":"Championship","competitionLogo":"","matchDay":"Matchday 44","match":[{"infoOf":"match1","teamA":"Coventry City","teamB":"Ipswich Town","teamAResult":"-","teamBResult":"-","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":null,"over":false,"live":false,"startIn":"19:00","matchId":"ce29bf61-f21f-4961-bba0-12f4340f3105"}],"id":"d73a4d37-599b-4045-ae93-f8814bb49881"},{"competition":"MLS","competitionLogo":"","match":[{"infoOf":"match1","teamA":"Philadelphia Union","teamB":"Seattle Sounders FC","teamAResult":"0","teamBResult":"0","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":null,"over":false,"live":false,"startIn":"23:30","matchId":"22178cbb-eb48-4890-9b71-dd15a9df8ac2"}],"id":"f3e9f0a7-8eb6-459f-aec9-9c1a0699643e"},{"competition":"Superettan","competitionLogo":"","matchDay":"Matchday 5","match":[{"infoOf":"match1","teamA":"Skövde AIK","teamB":"IK Oddevold","teamAResult":"-","teamBResult":"-","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":null,"over":false,"live":false,"startIn":"17:00","matchId":"f2c9208a-a8d7-41d3-a510-6f8a0c2e0086"}],"id":"cea0f2a6-b4b4-42aa-b53a-890db8962283"},{"competition":"Serie A Ecuadoriana","competitionLogo":"","matchDay":"Matchday 10","match":[{"infoOf":"match1","teamA":"El Nacional","teamB":"Delfín","teamAResult":"1","teamBResult":"0","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":"","over":true,"live":false,"startIn":"","matchId":"396b5d56-cafd-4401-90e8-38230d5e1598"}],"id":"b033e5f7-7fdf-4814-b727-e0cca031add3"},{"competition":"Ping An Chinese Super League","competitionLogo":"","matchDay":"Matchday 9","match":[{"infoOf":"match1","teamA":"Shandong Taishan","teamB":"Nantong Zhiyun","teamAResult":"3","teamBResult":"1","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":"","over":true,"live":false,"startIn":"","matchId":"584897d9-9e03-424b-b789-664f77d5425a"},{"infoOf":"match2","teamA":"Tianjin Jinmen Tiger","teamB":"Beijing Guoan","teamAResult":"0","teamBResult":"1","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":"","over":true,"live":false,"startIn":"","matchId":"d27a4493-ad3e-4337-b862-a88d5356c43c"},{"infoOf":"match3","teamA":"Zhejiang Professional","teamB":"Henan FC","teamAResult":"4","teamBResult":"1","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":"","over":true,"live":false,"startIn":"","matchId":"4c7989d3-172e-45c1-b2cf-50ca631d7326"},{"infoOf":"match4","teamA":"Meizhou Hakka","teamB":"Qingdao West Coast","teamAResult":"0","teamBResult":"1","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":"46'","over":false,"live":true,"startIn":"","matchId":"4682edf9-57b3-4198-a7e3-c0ae98981510"}],"id":"14310d14-a073-42bc-aa22-664dd13f3da1"},{"competition":"Hana1Q K League 1","competitionLogo":"","matchDay":"Matchday 10","match":[{"infoOf":"match1","teamA":"Suwon FC","teamB":"FC Seoul","teamAResult":"0","teamBResult":"2","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":"","over":true,"live":false,"startIn":"","matchId":"a239a89a-abba-4fa8-a247-5b0e6d28adfd"},{"infoOf":"match2","teamA":"Daejeon Hana Citizen","teamB":"Gimcheon Sangmu","teamAResult":"0","teamBResult":"0","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":"","over":true,"live":false,"startIn":"","matchId":"4b9760ad-ee14-4314-9af6-6698f5833b04"}],"id":"4d91a072-409a-4d8c-a1ee-5eb2ec45b9cb"},{"competition":"Liga 1 Te Apuesto","competitionLogo":"","matchDay":"Matchday 13","match":[{"infoOf":"match1","teamA":"Universidad César Vallejo","teamB":"Sporting Cristal","teamAResult":"2","teamBResult":"1","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":"","over":true,"live":false,"startIn":"","matchId":"ba196e58-6faa-4931-a245-70189c088aca"}],"id":"58fc50b5-d856-43ac-b034-17194e56e23f"},{"competition":"1XBET Premier League","competitionLogo":"","matchDay":"Matchday 6","match":[{"infoOf":"match1","teamA":"OshMU-Aldier","teamB":"Abdish-Ata Kant","teamAResult":"-","teamBResult":"-","teamALogo":"","teamBLogo":"","liveStatus":null,"over":false,"live":false,"startIn":"16:00","matchId":"3311c578-52d3-43e6-870a-581807d825af"}],"id":"9d5aacae-9a74-4268-8ce2-db24a7732441"},{"competition":"Antigua Premier League","competitionLogo":"","matchDay":"Matchday 18","match":[{"infoOf":"match1","teamA":"John Hughes","teamB":"Green City","teamAResult":"-","teamBResult":"-","teamALogo":"


curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Football Live Score API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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To use this API, the user only has to execute the single endpoint of the API and he/she will get all the matches along with their partial results.

There are different plans suits everyone including a free trial for small amount of requests, but it’s rate is limit to prevent abuse of the service.

Zyla provides a wide range of integration methods for almost all programming languages. You can use these codes to integrate with your project as you need.

The Football Live Score API is a service that provides real-time updates on football (soccer) match scores and outcomes.

Provide an engaging experience for users by integrating live football scores into your website, app, or platform.

Zyla API Hub is, in other words, an API MarketPlace. An all-in-one solution for your developing needs. You will be accessing our extended list of APIs with only your user. Also, you won't need to worry about storing API keys, only one API key for all our products is needed.

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