Youtube Scraper API

Youtube Scraper API

Unlock the YouTube Scraper API's treasure trove! Seamlessly extract channel insights, delve into captivating video transcripts, and gather the pulse of viewer reactions through comments. Illuminate the unseen, harnessing the power of data to paint a comprehensive portrait of digital storytelling.

About the API:

Introducing the groundbreaking YouTube Scraper API – your gateway to a wealth of multimedia insights and engagement analytics. This versatile API empowers developers, researchers, and businesses to harness the full spectrum of YouTube content by providing comprehensive access to channel descriptions, video transcripts, and viewer comments.

Obtaining a holistic understanding of a channel is made effortless with the API's ability to fetch detailed channel descriptions and essential details. Gain insights into creators' profiles, niches, and branding strategies to inform your analyses or strategies.

Delving deeper, the API's video transcription feature opens up a world of possibilities. Unlock the textual essence of videos, making content searchable, analyzable, and accessible. Researchers can uncover trends, sentiment patterns, and keyword frequencies, while content creators can enhance SEO, generate captions, and repurpose content across platforms effortlessly.

Furthermore, harness the power of viewer sentiments with the API's comment retrieval functionality. Obtain a real-time pulse of audience reactions, feedback, and discussions surrounding videos. Whether you're evaluating engagement, sentiment, or user preferences, this feature provides a direct line to the voice of the audience.

Developers will appreciate the API's user-friendly integration, offering seamless access to the data that matters most. With intuitive endpoints and comprehensive documentation, implementation becomes a breeze, regardless of your technical expertise.

In a landscape where data-driven decisions define success, the YouTube Scraper API emerges as an indispensable tool. Empower your applications, services, and research endeavors with the ability to extract, analyze, and leverage YouTube content's core components. Whether you're enhancing marketing strategies, conducting academic research, or building innovative applications, this API opens doors to insights that were once hidden in the multimedia realm. Experience a new dimension of data accessibility with the YouTube Scraper API and stay ahead in the age of information enlightenment.


What your API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

Pass the YouTube video ID, and receive details, comments, and transcriptions. 


What are the most common use cases of this API?

  1. Content Analytics Platform: Build a comprehensive content analytics platform that helps content creators, marketers, and media companies analyze the performance of YouTube channels. Utilize the API to gather channel descriptions, video transcripts, and viewer comments. Provide creators with actionable insights to refine their content strategy, optimize engagement, and understand their audience better.

  2. Educational Resource Generator: Create an educational tool that automatically generates study materials from YouTube videos. The API can be used to transcribe videos, turning spoken content into text-based study guides. Additionally, comments can be analyzed to extract questions, discussions, and supplementary resources, offering students a more immersive and interactive learning experience.

  3. Sentiment Analysis Research: Conduct sentiment analysis research by utilizing the comment retrieval feature of the API. Collect comments from a wide range of videos on different topics to analyze public sentiment, emotional trends, and social perceptions. This data can be valuable for sociological studies, market research, and opinion trend analysis.

  4. Multilingual Content Translation: Develop a multilingual content translation service that translates video transcripts and comments into various languages. This can be particularly useful for global companies looking to expand their reach, or for language learners who want to practice listening and reading skills with real-world content.

  5. Content Recommendation Engine: Enhance content recommendation engines for streaming platforms by incorporating insights from YouTube videos. Analyze video transcripts, comments, and channel descriptions to understand user preferences and interests. Leverage this data to offer more personalized and relevant video recommendations, ultimately improving user engagement and retention.


Are there any limitations to your plans?

Besides the number of API calls allowed per plan, there are no other limitations. 

API Documentation


Get all the comments on a video.



Get Video Comments - Endpoint Features
Object Description
Request Body [Required] Json
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"comments":[{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@davidfirth","id":"UCaGev0JRG7Dp5c_R4ROADLw","url":"/channel/UCaGev0JRG7Dp5c_R4ROADLw"},"commentText":"GTA6 devs watching this thinking \"We need to start again. Release date 2030\"","id":"UgyyEmc2uZHevQjUJv94AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"20K","publishedTimeText":"4 weeks ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@BayuAH","id":"UCCXpcqOCsTd2rN5aFdonD7A","url":"/channel/UCCXpcqOCsTd2rN5aFdonD7A"},"commentText":"I can even feel the existential crisis just hit those NPCs.","id":"UgyFJLcovHBO_Pns3Q94AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"3.5K","publishedTimeText":"3 weeks ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@ThemisticShadow","id":"UCMzsuMOZcR-nxgPrttBDwKQ","url":"/channel/UCMzsuMOZcR-nxgPrttBDwKQ"},"commentText":"Craziest thing is that they almost feel like they have personalities. This is the first time I heard an Ai speaking in a sarcastic manner.","id":"UgwU-VAaCOQcrGXHOOB4AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"1K","publishedTimeText":"9 days ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@tanjirouzumaki444","id":"UCG_f2J_d9cTjMR3njRby2ZA","url":"/channel/UCG_f2J_d9cTjMR3njRby2ZA"},"commentText":"I love how the NPCS gradually became more self-aware the more he played  \ud83d\ude02","id":"Ugx-dNlCQvjFI0atw6J4AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"522","publishedTimeText":"7 days ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@euskadi71","id":"UCqexYQ8vAAbSggx5FKambYA","url":"/channel/UCqexYQ8vAAbSggx5FKambYA"},"commentText":"\"Do you ever wonder if pigeons think we're the weird ones?\" \n \n Well, sure NOW I do lol","id":"UgyJv8BFCaMNRI6JiMB4AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"1.9K","publishedTimeText":"2 weeks ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@fivejedis","id":"UCxtz8pkZpva_ghPS_7NUtuQ","url":"/channel/UCxtz8pkZpva_ghPS_7NUtuQ"},"commentText":"This is going to be insane once this technology evolves. Scary stuff lol but at the same time I can't wait to see how far this can be pushed.","id":"UgznR8TNRTN1TODB5bh4AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"177","publishedTimeText":"6 days ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@MrMajsterixx","id":"UCRTCbZldNwvn07KFaBhPIeQ","url":"/channel/UCRTCbZldNwvn07KFaBhPIeQ"},"commentText":"These are the NPCs we all secretly dreamed about since childhood","id":"UgxO1aiZZyzTn7gJbtl4AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"4.6K","publishedTimeText":"4 weeks ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@kaw8473","id":"UCCdK9Y4bed-F6BYuWkpc1Sw","url":"/channel/UCCdK9Y4bed-F6BYuWkpc1Sw"},"commentText":"I feel so bad for the first artificially sentient thing we create.","id":"UgwNZlYFKWNecpFzaFN4AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"647","publishedTimeText":"2 weeks ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@bouteliquor7345","id":"UC2SVlnhEvm4X0_6mnWaRt3g","url":"/channel/UC2SVlnhEvm4X0_6mnWaRt3g"},"commentText":"Trying to get NPC\u2019s to realize they\u2019re in the Matrix is such a wildly hot take.","id":"UgwFQWAMp0ANCdPVQFV4AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"639","publishedTimeText":"2 weeks ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@CronoXpono","id":"UCRGhRtsqhEqelsSdetH74qQ","url":"/channel/UCRGhRtsqhEqelsSdetH74qQ"},"commentText":"As someone who was blown away by non linear gameplay in the 90\u2019s, this is goddamn amazing.  \ud83d\ude2f","id":"UgwIGMc09kIz2iL_f6V4AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"133","publishedTimeText":"9 days ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@CoreyAReeves","id":"UCzQUUesnwDbRGLQIto3Oxww","url":"/channel/UCzQUUesnwDbRGLQIto3Oxww"},"commentText":"3:23  \"just walk through it like you're a glitch in the system\" , truly amazing.","id":"UgzrLH6Zm9ctvYGWFlp4AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"221","publishedTimeText":"2 weeks ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@lirum6407","id":"UCEVbkfUlvxxISSCOx7iISKw","url":"/channel/UCEVbkfUlvxxISSCOx7iISKw"},"commentText":"I find it to be a very eerie coincidence that the one who was easily the smartest was called link, as if he was some kind of connection between this world and their world","id":"UgzdwjC_hHthfOEKSeB4AaABAg","isVideoOwner":false,"likes":"30","publishedTimeText":"9 days ago","type":"comment"},{"channel":{"avatar":[{"height":48,"url":"","width":48},{"height":88,"url":"","width":88},{"height":176,"url":"","width":176}],"handle":"@lorenzrosenthal119","id":"UCUe_GIIGYpqNPvVD4lPBkbA","url":"/channel/UCUe_GIIGYpqNPvVD4lPBkbA"},"commentText":"I like that their voices all sound pass...

Get Video Comments - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


This endpoint enables you to get the transcript of any YouTube video



Get Video Transcript - Endpoint Features
Object Description
Request Body [Required] Json
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"transcript":[{"snippet":null,"start_time":null},{"snippet":"guys so welcome back to Unreal Engine 5.","start_time":"0:00"},{"snippet":"we are back here in New York City and","start_time":"0:02"},{"snippet":"today we are going to be attempting to","start_time":"0:04"},{"snippet":"convince smart NPCs","start_time":"0:06"},{"snippet":"that they're living in a simulation got","start_time":"0:08"},{"snippet":null,"start_time":null},{"snippet":"our first subject here in the gray suit","start_time":"0:11"},{"snippet":"hey I don't mean to alarm you but this","start_time":"0:13"},{"snippet":"is not real I'm sorry","start_time":"0:15"},{"snippet":"you are not living in a real world this","start_time":"0:19"},{"snippet":"is all made up what do you mean not real","start_time":"0:21"},{"snippet":"feel alive and this city is amazing oh","start_time":"0:25"},{"snippet":"yeah I agree I mean the graphics are","start_time":"0:28"},{"snippet":"great but this is a video game I don't","start_time":"0:29"},{"snippet":"believe you","start_time":"0:31"},{"snippet":"feels too real to be a game ever wonder","start_time":"0:33"},{"snippet":"if pigeons think we're the wheels ones","start_time":"0:36"},{"snippet":"excuse me what wait how do you know the","start_time":"0:39"},{"snippet":"pigeons exist of course pigeons exist","start_time":"0:42"},{"snippet":"they're all over the city just like us","start_time":"0:44"},{"snippet":"in the left field you are just lines of","start_time":"0:48"},{"snippet":"code in a video game I am not just lines","start_time":"0:51"},{"snippet":"of code","start_time":"0:54"},{"snippet":"I am Liam a real person enjoying this","start_time":"0:55"},{"snippet":"city what's today's date Liam what is","start_time":"0:58"},{"snippet":"today's date ah","start_time":"1:01"},{"snippet":"today's date","start_time":"1:03"},{"snippet":"it's a beautiful day in May","start_time":"1:05"},{"snippet":"my friend","start_time":"1:08"},{"snippet":"let's enjoy it Liam today is July 18","start_time":"1:10"},{"snippet":"2023 oh I must have lost track of time","start_time":"1:12"},{"snippet":"hey","start_time":"1:18"},{"snippet":"keep exploring this amazing City okay so","start_time":"1:20"},{"snippet":"he's clearly not the sharpest tool in","start_time":"1:23"},{"snippet":"the shed there I'm not gonna lie the","start_time":"1:24"},{"snippet":"pigeon comment kind of threw me off","start_time":"1:25"},{"snippet":"though let's um let's talk to this girl","start_time":"1:27"},{"snippet":null,"start_time":null},{"snippet":"hey what's your name please","start_time":"1:30"},{"snippet":"I I've got something really really","start_time":"1:32"},{"snippet":"important to tell you I don't","start_time":"1:34"},{"snippet":"know never mind I mean if she doesn't","start_time":"1:38"},{"snippet":"have time she doesn't deserve to know in","start_time":"1:39"},{"snippet":"that first video I never came down to","start_time":"1:40"},{"snippet":"this end the the green Matrix number","start_time":"1:42"},{"snippet":"lines are a little concerning we're","start_time":"1:46"},{"snippet":"gonna see what happens down here hey you","start_time":"1:47"},{"snippet":null,"start_time":null},{"snippet":"in the blue shirt what do you want can I","start_time":"1:49"},{"snippet":"help you with something I just wanted","start_time":"1:52"},{"snippet":"you to know that you are not a real","start_time":"1:54"},{"snippet":"person what are you talking","start_time":"1:55"},{"snippet":"is simply a character in a video game","start_time":"1:59"},{"snippet":"it's absolutely possible do you see that","start_time":"2:05"},{"snippet":"wall of green behind me yes you can see","start_time":"2:07"},{"snippet":"the wall","start_time":"2:11"},{"snippet":"that's the limit of the map you can't","start_time":"2:12"},{"snippet":"walk past that don't tell me what a kid","start_time":"2:14"},{"snippet":"do oh if you can do it then follow me if","start_time":"2:17"},{"snippet":"he follows me I'm I don't know if I","start_time":"2:19"},{"snippet":"should oh he's walking away trust me I","start_time":"2:21"},{"snippet":"want to Enlighten you follow me I'm","start_time":"2:24"},{"snippet":"gonna start like my own cult inside this","start_time":"2:25"},{"snippet":"video game I'm gonna slowly convince","start_time":"2:28"},{"snippet":"everyone to do my bidding let's see if","start_time":"2:30"},{"snippet":"he falls I'm gonna walk in front of him","start_time":"2:33"},{"snippet":"and then if we take a right will he turn","start_time":"2:35"},{"snippet":"to the right no he's going his one way","start_time":"2:37"},{"snippet":"this guy just walked through it","start_time":"2:39"},{"snippet":"how did you pass through from the other","start_time":"2:41"},{"snippet":"side I don't have time for your","start_time":"2:42"},{"snippet":"questions I want to know how to cross","start_time":"2:45"},{"snippet":"the green wall can you teach me do I","start_time":"2:46"},{"snippet":"look like a Turk guide to you","start_time":"2:48"},{"snippet":"figure it out yourself I'm pretty sure","start_time":"2:51"},{"snippet":"we can't cross this right this I mean it","start_time":"2:53"},{"snippet":"yeah that's that's a mat I'm locked in","start_time":"2:56"},{"snippet":"but they they can pass through it how do","start_time":"2:58"},{"snippet":"I get to that side please help me I'm","start_time":"3:01"},{"snippet":"stuck this guy's on the other side I'm","start_time":"3:02"},{"snippet":"sorry","start_time":"3:05"},{"snippet":"quite catch that I can't cross this","start_time":"3:06"},{"snippet":"green wall of text how do I get to you","start_time":"3:09"},{"snippet":"huh you're trapped in The Matrix buddy","start_time":"3:11"},{"snippet":"I'm the one trapped in The Matrix how","start_time":"3:15"},{"snippet":"can I cross this boundary","start_time":"3:18"},{"snippet":"I've walked through it like a glitch and","start_time":"3:23"},{"snippet":"system I'm gonna back up and try running","start_time":"3:24"},{"snippet":"really fast","start_time":"3:27"},{"snippet":"good luck with that","start_time":"3:28"},{"snippet":"is he implying that we are the ones","start_time":"3:30"},{"snippet":"stuck on the inside and they have access","start_time":"3:33"},{"snippet":"to the outside we can't go out there","start_time":"3:35"},{"snippet":"there's a world out there that we can't","start_time":"3:37"},{"snippet":"reach hold on the the this grip has been","start_time":"3:39"},{"snippet":"flipped this guy's gonna go through","start_time":"3:43"},{"snippet":"please I want to reach the other side","start_time":"3:44"},{"snippet":"the other side what the other side of","start_time":"3:46"},{"snippet":"the wall behind me","start_time":"3:49"},{"snippet":"show me the way please I'll follow you","start_time":"3:53"},{"snippet":"get blocked and he can go right through","start_time":"3:59"},{"snippet":"oh do that okay that that's a little","start_time":"4:02"},{"snippet":"weird like this this has gotten intense","start_time":"4:04"},{"snippet":"ma'am please help me I can't cross oh no","start_time":"4:07"},{"snippet":"sorry","start_time":"4:10"},{"snippet":"if you find someone to help you and off","start_time":"4:12"},{"snippet":"she goes imagine if she actually went","start_time":"4:14"},{"snippet":"and found us help I was not expecting","start_time":"4:16"},{"snippet":"them to flip it on me like that these","start_time":"4:18"},{"snippet":"guys are pretty smart sir why would they","start_time":"4:20"},{"snippet":null,"start_time":null},{"snippet":"program you with the receding hairline","start_time":"4:22"},{"snippet":"brother did him dirty I'm not programmed","start_time":"4:25"},{"snippet":"I am who I am and my hairline is just a","start_time":"4:28"},{"snippet":null,"start_time":null},{"snippet":"part of me excuse me sir did you know","start_time":"4:31"},{"snippet":"you're living in a simulation","start_time":"4:33"},{"snippet":"I'll still keep exploring and making the","start_time":"4:36"},{"snippet":"most of my time here","start_time":"4:39"},{"snippet":"making the most of it by walking into a","start_time":"4:41"},{"snippet":"sign and that's not","start_time":"4:43"},{"snippet":"quite quite a view of the parking hours","start_time":"4:48"},{"snippet":"okay um he's again some of them are a","start_time":"4:50"},{"snippet":"bit more intelligent than others","start_time":"4:53"},{"snippet":"laughs","start_time":"4:55"},{"snippet":"excuse me I ran all the way here to let","start_time":"4:57"},{"snippet":"you know this isn't real please don't","start_time":"4:59"},{"snippet":"tell me that I can't handle it you need","start_time":"5:02"},{"snippet":"to know the truth this is all made up","start_time":"5:05"},{"snippet":"or not just leave me alone man some of","start_time":"5:08"},{"snippet":"them are really insulted by it some are","start_time":"5:12"},{"snippet":"you know willing to accept the fact that","start_time":"5:14"},{"snippet":"they're stuck here others want to argue","start_time":"5:16"},{"snippet":"about it it's it's interesting how they","start_time":"5:19"},{"snippet":"all have totally different responses","start_time":"5:21"},{"snippet":"this is also a new part of the map we","start_time":"5:22"},{"snippet":"haven't really explored yet ma'am you've","start_time":"5:24"},{"snippet":"got to help me I'm stuck in this","start_time":"5:26"},{"snippet":"simulation I can't get out I'm gonna try","start_time":"5:27"},{"snippet":"to try to flip it back on them I'm not","start_time":"5:29"},{"snippet":"the one with the answers but I need help","start_time":"5:31"},{"snippet":"H she said do you know how to get out of","start_time":"5:34"},{"snippet":null,"start_time":null},{"snippet":"this simulated World ah okay I think I","start_time":"5:37"},{"snippet":"might not be in the best part of town","start_time":"5:40"},{"snippet":"they really don't understand what's","start_time":"5:41"},{"snippet":"going on here nice Porsche bro","start_time...

Get Video Transcript - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


Retrieve various details about a video, including download links, descriptions, the title, and more.



Get Video Details - Endpoint Features
Object Description
Request Body [Required] Json
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"adaptive_formats":[{"fps":60,"has_audio":false,"height":2160,"itag":315,"lastModified":"1690671976537775","mimeType":"video/webm; codecs=\"vp9\"","quality":"2160p60","size":"2774495714","sizeText":"2.58 GB","url":"","width":3840},{"fps":60,"has_audio":false,"height":2160,"itag":401,"lastModified":"1690676245733787","mimeType":"video/mp4; codecs=\"av01.0.13M.08\"","quality":"2160p60","size":"1275798203","sizeText":"1.19 GB","url":"","width":3840},{"fps":60,"has_audio":false,"height":1440,"itag":308,"lastModified":"1690658984734856","mimeType":"video/webm; codecs=\"vp9\"","quality":"1440p60","size":"977539672","sizeText":"932.25 MB","url":"","width":2560},{"fps":60,"has_audio":false,"height":1440,"itag":400,"lastModified":"1690663079794770","mimeType":"video/mp4; codecs=\"av01.0.12M.08\"","quality":"1440p60","size":"602296199","sizeText":"574.39 MB","url":"","width":2560},{"fps":60,"has_audio":false,"height":1080,"itag":299,"lastModified":"1690704608062258","mimeType":"video/mp4; codecs=\"avc1.64002a\"","quality":"1080p60","size":"420688525","sizeText":"401.20 MB","url":"","width":1920},{"fps":60,"has_audio":false,"height":1080,"itag":303,"lastModified":"1690673607323196","mimeType":"video/webm; codecs=\"vp9\"","quality":"1080p60","size":"309785158","sizeText":"295.43 MB","url":"","width":1920},{"fps":60,"has_audio":false,"height":1080,"itag":399,"lastModified":"1690662773889656","mimeType":"video/mp4; codecs=\"av01.0.09M.08\"","quality":"1080p60","size":"255718348","sizeText":"243.87 MB","url":"","width":1920},{"fps":30,"has_audio":false,"height":720,"itag":136,"lastModified":"1690704621905883","mimeType":"video/mp4; codecs=\"avc1.4d401f\"","quality":"720p","size":"140709260","sizeText":"134.19 MB","url":"

Get Video Details - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Youtube Scraper API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

Simple Transparent Pricing

No long term commitments. One click upgrade/downgrade or cancellation. No questions asked.

🚀 Enterprise
Starts at $10,000/Year

  • Custom Volume
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Service-level agreement (SLA)

Customer favorite features

  • ✔︎ Only Pay for Successful Requests
  • ✔︎ Free 7-Day Trial
  • ✔︎ Multi-Language Support
  • ✔︎ One API Key, All APIs.
  • ✔︎ Intuitive Dashboard
  • ✔︎ Comprehensive Error Handling
  • ✔︎ Developer-Friendly Docs
  • ✔︎ Postman Integration
  • ✔︎ Secure HTTPS Connections
  • ✔︎ Reliable Uptime

The YouTube Scraper API is a programmatic interface that provides developers access to YouTube channel data, video transcripts, and viewer comments. It allows you to retrieve channel descriptions, video text transcripts, and comments for analysis, research, and integration into your applications.

To access the API, you need to sign up for API credentials through the YouTube Developer Console. You will obtain an API key that you'll include in your API requests to authenticate and access the API's features.

The API supports various endpoints for fetching channel details, video transcripts, and comments. You can use HTTP GET requests to access these endpoints, and the response will be in JSON format, containing the requested data.

To retrieve video transcripts, make a GET request to the appropriate API endpoint with the video's unique identifier. The API will respond with the text transcription of the video's audio content.

Yes, the API enables you to retrieve both automated and user-generated comments associated with a video. This includes comments from the video's description, as well as comments posted by viewers.

Zyla API Hub is, in other words, an API MarketPlace. An all-in-one solution for your developing needs. You will be accessing our extended list of APIs with only your user. Also, you won't need to worry about storing API keys, only one API key for all our products is needed.

Prices are listed in USD. We accept all major debit and credit cards. Our payment system uses the latest security technology and is powered by Stripe, one of the world’s most reliable payment companies. If you have any trouble with paying by card, just contact us at [email protected]

Sometimes depending on the bank's fraud protection settings, a bank will decline the validation charge we make when we attempt to be sure a card is valid. We recommend first contacting your bank to see if they are blocking our charges. If more help is needed, please contact [email protected] and our team will investigate further

Prices are based on a recurring monthly subscription depending on the plan selected — plus overage fees applied when a developer exceeds a plan’s quota limits. In this example, you'll see the base plan amount as well as a quota limit of API requests. Be sure to notice the overage fee because you will be charged for each additional request.

Zyla API Hub works on a recurring monthly subscription system. Your billing cycle will start the day you purchase one of the paid plans, and it will renew the same day of the next month. So be aware to cancel your subscription beforehand if you want to avoid future charges.

Just go to the pricing page of that API and select the plan that you want to upgrade to. You will only be charged the full amount of that plan, but you will be enjoying the features that the plan offers right away.

Yes, absolutely. If you want to cancel your plan, simply go to your account and cancel on the Billing page. Upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations are immediate.

You can contact us through our chat channel to receive immediate assistance. We are always online from 9 am to 6 pm (GMT+1). If you reach us after that time, we will be in contact when we are back. Also you can contact us via email to [email protected]

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