Youtube Video Summarization API

Youtube Video Summarization API

The YouTube Video Summarization API is a powerful tool that generates concise summaries of YouTube videos, highlighting the most important points for easy note-taking and referencing. This API provides a time-efficient solution for users who want to quickly access the key takeaways of a video without watching the entire content.

API description

About the API: 

The YouTube Video Summarization API is a valuable tool for individuals and businesses that want to quickly summarize YouTube videos and extract the most important information. This API uses machine learning algorithms to generate concise summaries of videos, providing users with a time-efficient solution for note-taking and referencing.

The API works by analyzing the video content and identifying the key topics and subtopics discussed. It then generates a summary of the video, highlighting the most important points and organizing them into an easy-to-read format. This can save users a significant amount of time compared to watching the entire video and taking notes manually.

The YouTube Video Summarization API has numerous applications for businesses and individuals. For example, a student who needs to summarize a lecture can use the API to generate a concise summary of the key points discussed in the video. Similarly, a business executive who wants to stay up-to-date with industry news can use the API to quickly extract the most important information from a video.

The API can also be used by content creators to provide summaries of their videos to viewers, helping to increase engagement and improve the user experience. Additionally, businesses can use the API to extract insights from customer feedback videos or to monitor competitors' marketing campaigns.

Overall, the YouTube Video Summarization API is a powerful tool that provides a time-efficient solution for generating concise summaries of YouTube videos. Its versatility and ease-of-use make it an essential component for anyone who wants to stay informed and productive.


What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

Pass the video URL from Youtube and receive the summarization of the video. 

Videos with no subtitles will return errors. 


What are the most common uses cases of this API?

  1. Educational purposes: The API can be used by students to generate summaries of lectures or educational videos, allowing them to quickly review and recall the most important information.

  2. Marketing and research: Companies can use the API to analyze marketing and competitor videos, extracting key information and insights to inform their own marketing and business strategies.

  3. News and media: News organizations can use the API to summarize videos and provide quick and accurate news reports to their viewers, improving their efficiency and productivity.

  4. Content creators: Video content creators can use the API to generate summaries of their own videos, providing an additional way for viewers to consume their content and increasing engagement.

  5. Accessibility: For people with disabilities or visual impairments, the API can provide a valuable tool for summarizing video content, making it easier to understand and consume the most important information.

Are there any limitations to your plans?

Besides the number of API calls, there is no other limitation. 

API Documentation


Create a video summary of a given YouTube video.  Summarize any YouTube Video in 300 words.

Videos with no subtitles will return an error. 


Summarizer - Endpoint Features
Object Description
url [Required] The URL of the YouTube video to summarize.
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"summary":"# What is an API and how does it work? (In plain English)\n\n\n\n### What is an API?\n- An API (Application Programming Interface) is a means of communication and ruleset to allow two systems to talk to each other. \n- This can be seen as a similar process to applying for a passport, in which you have to adhere to an established protocol. \n- Your app will be able to communicate and interact with different systems through their respective API's. \n\n### How Does an API Work?\n- When communication is initiated from your app, you have to submit appropriate inputs and an API key to the API's endpoint. \n- Each endpoint will have its own specified protocol for what inputs are required and the resulting outcome. \n- If the correct inputs are not given, the request will be rejected. \n- Once the request is successful, a result is passed back from the API in a data format, such as JSON. \n\n### Example API\n- News API is an example of an API, which provides access to headlines and news articles from a variety of sources. \n- The API call can be entered into a web browser with the appropriate parameters, along with the API key, to get the desired results. \n- The result is then in a data format that can be processed and the information can be used within the app.\n\n\n### What is an SDK?\n- SDK stands for software development kit. \n- It is a collection of tools that includes easy-to-use libraries and snippets of code, making it simpler to work with an API in a particular language or framework. \n- There are thousands of APIs available and these can be found through API directories like [Programmable Web](","videoTitle":"What is an API and how does it work? (In plain English)","videoAuthor":"CodeWithChris","videoId":"Yzx7ihtCGBs"}

Summarizer - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


Create a video summary of a given YouTube video. The summary is provided in markdown format.

Videos with no subtitles will return error. 



Video Summarization - Endpoint Features
Object Description
videoURL [Required] The URL of the YouTube video to summarize.
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"summary":"# UN DÍA ETERNO, PERO HAY VLOG! #PLMvlog #PLMenBarcelona\n\n## Exploring Barcelona [00:02](\n- The video starts with the caption \"nueva jornada\" (new day) indicating the start of a new adventure in Barcelona.\n- The vlogger is in Barcelona, specifically in the Catalan region of Spain.\n- The vlogger mentions that they are currently sleeping, indicating that it is the morning or early part of the day.\n- They mention that they often sleep in when they are running late.\n- The vlogger states that they are going to go shopping today, indicating they have plans for the day.\n- They mention taking the metro, a popular mode of transportation in Barcelona.\n- The vlogger mentions Madrid, another city in Spain, but it is unclear why they bring it up.\n- They describe the day as a bit chaotic or messy (using a bleeped word) but express excitement to see what the day holds.\n\n## Exploring Barcelona's Beach and Casino [00:38](\n- There is a transition with music at 43 seconds.\n- The vlogger goes shopping for some items, but it is not specified what they are buying.\n- They mention meeting up with someone named Che underneath the ground, comparing it to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.\n- The vlogger says goodbye to the viewers and transitions with music at 59 seconds.\n- There is a transition with music at 88 seconds.\n- They mention being in a location with a unique architecture that locals enjoy, with a bridge below.\n- The vlogger mentions people going to smoke, potentially referring to a designated smoking area.\n- The vlogger mentions people going to the beach and shows a shot of the city of Barcelona.\n- They mention seeing people who they believe are Argentine and jokingly speculate if they recognized them as the vlogger.\n- The vlogger mentions being included in a blog by someone named Rodriguez, potentially referring to another vlogger or content creator.\n- They mention the beauty of the location, with views of the sea, boats, and a distant dome that may be part of the Sagrada Familia.\n- The vlogger mentions going to a specific spot by the boats, potentially for relaxation.\n- They end the segment by saying \"Alfredito por el mundo\" (Alfredito around the world) and state that they will see the viewers the next day.\n\n## Exploring Barcelona's Pacha Club [03:10](\n- There is a transition with music at 190 seconds.\n- The vlogger mentions being in a new day in Barcelona.\n- They are in front of Plaza Cataluña, a popular square in Barcelona.\n- They mention going towards Paseo de Gracia, another popular street in the city.\n- The vlogger says they will meet up with someone named Germán and Lucas.\n- They refer to \"rapson\" as a Pandora's box, but it is unclear what they are referring to.\n- The vlogger questions if they are the only one creating video blogs.\n- They mention that viewers can find football-related content on their social media.\n- The vlogger expresses excitement for the day ahead, mentioning theater and a program they will participate in.\n- They show some items they purchased and state that they will continue informing the viewers.\n- The segment ends with a transition, with the vlogger stating it is a new day in Barcelona.\n\n## A New Day in Barcelona [05:49](\n- The video starts with a caption indicating a new day in Barcelona.\n- The vlogger mentions just waking up and feeling well-rested.\n- They express happiness about being able to sleep well and joke about being content despite the possibility of being criticized.\n- The vlogger mentions having an important day ahead, including a theater performance and a program from 10 am to 2 pm.\n- They show some items they acquired, mentioning that they are necessary for their daily routine.\n- The vlogger states that they will meet up with some of their colleagues in a specific location.\n- They mention someone named Alfredito, potentially another content creator, and promise to see the viewers the next day.\n- The segment ends with a transition, indicating a new day in Barcelona.\n\n(Note: Timestamps are approximations and may vary slightly depending on the video version)\n## A day full of activities [09:26](\n- Luquitas is talking to his father, who is being interrupted by someone.\n- Luquitas mentions a grand farmer who is telling his father what to do.\n- They laugh about it.\n\n## The theater experience [09:37](\n- Luquitas talks about an impeccable race after 20 years of theater.\n- He mentions that Robin assured him that the tickets would sell out, but minutes before the show, there are still some available.\n- Luquitas always finds a solution to sell the remaining tickets.\n- Luquitas mentions that he won, and he was basically giving away tickets.\n- He mentions that he bought some glasses and a nice little doll, which he will show later.\n\n## Luquitas' purchases [10:13](\n- Luquitas bought glasses and a cute doll.\n- Someone comments on his changed fanny pack.\n\n## Luquitas' collections [10:44](\n- Luquitas shows the doll he bought.\n- He mentions that he also bought a trilogy of movies, but he has not watched them yet.\n- He talks about a movie called \"Not the Parents,\" which is a collection of short films set in New York.\n- He mentions another movie, but it is bleeped out.\n- Luquitas mentions another movie called \"The Avenger,\" but it seems like he hasn't watched it either.\n- Luquitas talks about his movie collection and jokingly says that they are bad purchases.\n\n## Luquitas' plans for the day [11:50](\n- Luquitas mentions that he needs to go somewhere to collect something every ten blocks.\n- He talks about having lunch at 12 and realizes it is already 2:14.\n- He mentions that the book is requesting permission.\n- Luquitas tells his audience that they will have a longer video, about 5 or 6 minutes.\n\n## Singing experiment [12:44](\n- Luquitas and his friend decide to sing to see if anyone looks at them.\n- They sing the song \"Por ti volaré\" and get some reactions from people around them.\n\n## Luquitas' singing styles [13:41](\n- Luquitas mentions that he sang songs from different styles.\n- He wonders where the song \"A dónde\" is.\n- He mentions a war movie where the main character takes command and flies.\n- He continues singing \"Por ti volaré.\"\n\n## Luquitas' return and final thoughts [17:45](\n- Luquitas talks about the return trip and the end of everything.\n- He mentions that he is already thinking about his return and the finality of it.\n- Luquitas talks about being grateful and content with the experience.\n- He talks about the night being his favorite part and how he is already sleeping.\n\n## Apologies and future plans [17:57](\n- Luquitas apologizes to the audience for not being able to film much that day.\n- He mentions that they had a lot going on, including a show at the theater.\n- Luquitas mentions that he sent two videos, one from the previous day and another one from that day.\n- He apologizes again for not being able to film more.\n\n## Luquitas' return and final thoughts [19:28](\n- Luquitas mentions that Roberto did not send a video during the entire trip.\n- He talks about Alfredo running every day.\n\n## End of Part 2 [19:42](\n- Luquitas mentions that this is the end of part 2 of the video.\n## Jugadores y amor eterno [19:44](\n- Luquitas Rodriguez starts talking about players and eternal love.\n- He mentions \"qué jugadores\" (what players) and \"qué cinco de marca\" (what five of brand).\n- He emphasizes that he loves players with eternal love.\n- He says \"100%\" to show his complete dedication.\n\n## Music break [20:13](\n- The video cuts to a music break.\n\n## Juan Román Riquelme aprovechó [20:44](\n- Luquitas Rodriguez talks about Juan Román Riquelme, a former football player.\n- He mentions that Riquelme took advantage of something.\n- It is not clear what Riquelme took advantage of.\n\n## Jugadores con Amor eterno [21:55](\n- Luquitas Rodriguez returns to talking about players with eternal love.\n- He asks Germán, presumably another person in the video, to say \"amor\" (love).\n- They discuss the image of a man who is devastated, bidding farewell to life.\n- They mention that there is no clarity on the topic.\n\n## Romario, Ronaldo, and Cristiano Ronaldo [22:41](\n- They discuss players like Romario, Ronaldo, and Cristiano Ronaldo.\n- Luquitas Rodriguez mentions that he will remove Romario because he loves Batistuta more.\n- They debate about who to remove from the list of players.\n- Germán suggests removing Romario, but Luquitas disagrees.\n\n## Selecting the best players [23:46](\n- They discuss other players like Riquelme, Palermo, Guillermo, Córdoba, and Tévez.\n- They mention that there must be more players, but they can't remember their names.\n- They laugh about the situation.\n\n## Choosing the best players [24:21](\n- They continue t...

Video Summarization - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Youtube Video Summarization API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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